About Home Pool World

Hi there, I’m Jed and I have created Home Pool World as a way to share information about pools and hot tubs to users. While it might seem like an odd direction to go with a personal site, I actually have tons of experience in this space. I wanted to create this site to help anyone be able to learn about and properly use their pools and hot tubs. Some of my history includes:

  • 7 years working as a Red Cross Certified Lifeguard
  • 5 years working as a Certified Pool Operator (CPO)
  • 6 years owning an inground pool
  • 1 year selling pools (primarily above ground)

On top of these credentials, I have a rich, diverse history of working with pools and hot tubs. Between all my lifeguarding and pool operating jobs, I have worked for over a dozen different companies in this space. I worked at private summer pools, military base pools, a hotel fitness center, indoor and outdoor splash parks, an apartment complex, a campground, and state-run centers.

While pools has been my primary focus, I also have experience with hot tubs and spas. I have worked with physical therapists utilizing water treatment, swim teams, and entertainment.

I hope to take all of this experience, and build the best resource possible for learning about getting, using, and maintaining any pool or hot tub. I will be bringing in other outside resources and experts to ensure that information is up-to-date and accurate.

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