7 Best Summer Waves Pools

Above ground pools are convenient and affordable quick-setup solutions for family fun and water leisure, especially if you do not have ample space in your backyard. But since these pools are typically placed outdoors, you need to get yours from a high-quality brand like Summer Waves to ensure longevity.

The best Summer Waves pools combine durability with ease of setting up and fit your backyard. Summer Waves 16 feet x 48-inch pool is ideal for pre-teens and kids, while the Rectangular Frame Above Ground Pool is best for the whole family. The latter can be used for solo swimming too.

This article covers the top options to consider when looking for Summer Waves pools, including:

  • The Round Inflatable Pool
  • The Large Rectangular Pool
  • The Steel Frame Pool
  • The Outdoors Round Frame Pool
  • The 8-inch-high option
  • The 16-inch-high Option
  • 12-foot stone slate Option

Summer Waves: A Brief Overview

Before opting for a Summer Waves pool, you must know what sets apart the brand’s products from other above-ground pool brands. And to truly appreciate these high-quality pools, we must acknowledge how easy it is to manufacture an off-brand above-ground pool. All it takes is some waterproof sheet and a metal skeleton that will hold on for a few weeks to get an above-ground pool business going.

Since there’s little to no barrier to entry based on capital or longevity, there are countless above-ground pool brands that aren’t just operational but are quite successful. When you get a pool kit or a pre-built pool, you typically review it online within a week of setting it up. 

This incentivizes small-scale online-native brands to manufacture products that last only a month or two at best. This way, they get your 5-star review driven mostly by extremely low costs. Since these businesses do not rely on repeat purchases but on others buying their products after seeing previous premature reviews, they continue to thrive.

In such an environment, Summer Waves is a breath of fresh air as it is backed by the Polygroup. The business group makes its money by establishing long-term reputation-driven brands and charging a premium for its trustworthy products. 

Since you’ve opted for one of this group’s best-selling brands as your banner of choice for your above-ground swimming pool, no matter which option you pick from the seven listed in this article, you’ll be better off compared to most above-ground pools.

1. Summer Waves Outdoor Ring Inflatable Pool

If you do not like the complicated setup of classic above-ground pools but are cautious of the vulnerability of inflatable pools, this Summer Waves pool is perfect for you. It brings the ease of operation of inflatable pools with the durability of triple-layer polylaminate PVC. This means you can have this set up in your backyard in 15 minutes without worrying about stray thorns collapsing the entire pool.

That said, this isn’t a pool for everyone. The reason there are seven pools in this post is that people have different reasons to buy, and no single pool can satisfy everyone. If you’re looking for depth, this pool will not meet your expectations as it is only 3 feet deep. 

Children can use it as a swimming pool, but for adults, it is just a very roomy bathtub. Still, its ease of assembly, low price point, and general popularity with the buyers’ kids has garnered it a 3.9 out of 5 stars rating.

2. Summer Waves Rectangular Frame Above Ground Pool

While the previous option excelled in its ease of assembly, this harder-to-set-up pool provides ample space, provided you have enough space to house it. The rectangular above ground pool measures 32 feet across its length with a 16-feet width, giving you enough room to swim a lap. The water level is slightly higher than the inflatable variety, 4 feet, and 4 inches. Water would reach the mid-abdomen region of a standing male adult and the neck of a pre-teen.

To some, this might be a disadvantage, but the pool checks many boxes at this size, including the following.

  • Safer for kids – Reaching just below a 12-year-old’s chin, the water level is safe enough for kids. Of course, younger kids would need supervision as accidents can still happen. 
  • Easier to rescue – Whether a pet falls in or a kid slips up, you can easily scoop someone out. With deeper pools, this is an issue as even the best swimmers can’t be rescuers without experience.
  • Practical and challenging – The difference between a pool and a spa is that a pool gives you a bit of a challenge. Swimming is interesting because you’re putting effort into the exercise. The pool is wide enough to accommodate swimming as most strokes cover up to 2 feet under the surface. As long as you fill the pool up, you’ll be able to swim a lap.

3. Summer Waves Metal Frame Pool

This circular pool is held up by a steel frame, which speaks to the product’s longevity. Here’s an entire post regarding above-ground pool materials and their pros and cons. Steel comes out ahead as long as it is galvanized and stain-resistant. 

Summer Waves metal frame pool features high-quality galvanized steel, premium PVC material, and three layers of polyester mesh. This means that not only is this product stain resistant, it is also durable and comfortable because of the PVC and polyester, respectively.

The pool stands out as a durable choice for long-term use, but it is far more than that. It is appropriately bundled and comes with a filter pump alongside skimmers, which makes it easy to maintain. But maintenance comes after setup, and Summer Waves ensures that you don’t have a tough time with the setup process. According to the manufacturer, it takes less than an hour to set up this pool. Of course, this is true only if you know what you are doing.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that this product, too, has its drawbacks. You may not want to get this if you want to have more than five adults in the pool at once. This pool can accommodate five adults and three kids simultaneously. Anything more is too congested in the physical sense and can wreak havoc on the filter pump.

4. Summer Waves Outdoor Round Frame Pool

If you dislike how above-ground pools look, this one’s definitely the best option as it stands apart aesthetically. Featuring a grey woven design on the outside and aqua-inspired tile motif interior, this pool looks far more expensive than it actually is. 

Being only 48 inches deep, this is a great family pool as it is child-friendly. It has a 14-foot diameter, which means it is easy to set this up even if your backyard isn’t too big. Its ease of assembly has been acknowledged by most customers. With over 250 buyers reviewing and rating the product, its ease of assembly is rated at 4.2 stars.

The small size, however, leads to the lack of swimming room, which is a drawback to some people. You can use it to casually enjoy laying in water with your family or float for self-administered physiotherapy, but there isn’t much else you can do. As long as you want to buy this pool for fun family time or to relax sore muscles, this is indeed a great option that costs very little.

You get a 3-month warranty for the liner and a 6-month warranty on the pool pump. Considering that many above-ground pools don’t even last that long, this is a sign of the manufacturer’s trust in his own product. The filter pump that comes with this pool also acts as a skimmer, saving you money while cleaning up the pool more efficiently.

5. Summer Waves 8 x 30 Pool

If you’re purchasing a Summer Waves pool not for yourself but mainly for the kids, this is a great option. The pool isn’t wide enough for adults to use as anything else but a wide bathtub, but your kids between the ages of 6 and 12 can have a lot of fun with this pool. 

It has a hexagon-like shape and features a bright sky-blue exterior, which gives a bouncing castle vibe. You might not get the same awed reactions as someone with a large in-ground pool, but any guests who look at it in your backyard will see it as a respectable gesture of love for your kids.

If your home interior already advertises your family lifestyle of children-oriented thinking, this product will fit right in with the rest of the house. But if your home is designed with neutral colors, features minimalist design choices, and has formal-looking furniture and appliances around, the pool will look out of place. The blue color also has the benefit of making the water look blue as well. Once you fill this pool up, you’ll be reminded of the ocean.

With over 547 reviews and ratings on Amazon, this product stands at a global average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. More specifically, customers have given it a 4.4-star collective rating for its ease of assembly, which makes sense since Summer Waves prioritizes easy assembly.

The product is also rated at 4.1 stars for its sturdiness, which is promising from a brand that’s known for building durable pools. But there’s one thing to be concerned about: the price tag. Though personally, the pool seems worth every cent, customers have given it only 3.7 stars out of 5 for its value for money proposition. This again comes down to individual expectations and goals.

Sometimes the price expectations are set up by the competitors. As mentioned earlier, many above-ground pool makers prioritize cheap production and build pools that last long enough to get a glowing review. When you purchase something from Summer Waves, you’re buying into a brand that has to remain synonymous with durability to stand alongside the market leaders in the above-ground pool space.

6. Summer Waves 16-Feet x 48-Inch Pool

This pool is a great hybrid between family-oriented fun and self-serving indulgence. While 48 inches won’t allow you to get the dip you would experience in an in-ground pool, this above-ground option allows you to safely soak, float, and even practice strokes. It can accommodate three adults and four kids simultaneously. 

Adding any more people would put pressure onto the filter and water circulation, though there definitely is space for one or two more kids. The pool comes with a ladder, which should speak to its depth, considering there are knee-deep options on the market.

The metal frame lends durability to the product design and helps it last longer. With over 5,000 gallons worth of water, the pool will last a whole summer without being drained as long as you use its filter pump properly and regularly skim away impurities. It is also big enough to warrant pool chemicals use, though you can add a chlorinator to make water-cleansing more hands-off.

7. Summer Waves 12-Foot Stone Slate Metal Pool

As briefly mentioned above, above-ground pools are rarely the epitome of great aesthetics. And if the reason you’ve been on the fence about getting a new pool for your family is that the pool might affect the look of your house, this option is the best. It features a brick motif on the exterior, and its frame is made of rust-resistant metal, making it not only a beautiful pool to have in your abode but also a durable one that will stand the test of time and repeat uses. 

At 33 inches, the height of this pool is just enough to reach an adult woman’s navel and a pre-teen’s upper abs. Hanging out in this pool is closer to being at a water park than it is to swimming at the local Olympic-sized pool. It is great for teaching young kids how to swim or just chilling in the water with your family.

Final Thoughts

Above ground, pools are easy to build, and quality seems optional in the process. The brands that prioritize cheaper end products often miss the mark on durability yet make products that gain good reviews because of their flaws appearing long after reviews have been posted. Summer Waves has built its reputation by delivering products that last and granting warranties to back up its confidence in its own products. Regardless of which option you pick from this post, you’re likely to be better off compared to opting for a different brand’s equivalent pool.

Jed Arnold

Jed spent every year from the ages of 15 - 22 as a Lifeguard (Red Cross) and ages of 17 - 22 as a Certified Pool Operator (CPO). Between working for over a dozen facilities and owning a pool, he carries over a decade of pool experience.

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