Do You Need a Fence for an Intex Pool?

Intex pools are easier to acquire, build, and maintain than in-ground pools. You might think that they also have fewer legal requirements like building a fence. That, however, might not be the case depending on your local municipality regulars regarding pools.

You need a fence for an Intex pool to prevent accidental drownings, but having a fence around an above-ground pool is not a federal legal requirement. Many states require fencing of 4 feet around pools deeper than 18 inches. Checking with your local municipality is advisable.

In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of having a fence around your Intex pool. By going deeper into each advantage and drawback, you will understand the implications (or lack of implications) of having a fence around your above-ground pool. But first, we need to discuss the different classes of pools and how states view them.

Inground, Above Ground, and Partially Inground Pools

Some municipalities view above ground pools the same way they see inground pools. If you need to get municipal approval to build an above-ground pool, the chances are, your area comes under such a municipality. Others treat in-ground pools differently and require fencing only when a pool is in-ground or is partially in-ground. For such pools, a 4 feet high fence is recommended.

Remember, even if your pool is mostly above ground but has been fixed into a platform fixture or is slightly dug into the ground, it qualifies as an inground pool. Checking state regulations regarding above-ground pool fences can help you decide whether your Intex pool needs to have a fence despite being above ground.

Pros of Having a Fence

Having a fence costs money and energy. So, before you embark on the fence-sitting project for your Intex pool, you need to know the pros of having one. Here are the key advantages of having a fence.

Keep Children and Pets Safe

If you have an above-ground pool, you risk having kids or pets accidentally drown. No matter how small the risk, it still persists because the toddlers and the pool aren’t always in an adult’s line of sight. 

Having a fence around the pool acts as a measure to counter this risk. Unless you live alone or exclusively with another adult and have no pets, having a fence will always add a plus that overshadows the investment required for one.

Keeps You Liability-free

Even if you live with your partner and have no pets, the neighbors’ kids can end up in your pool while you are away. Having a fence proves that you do your best to ensure the safety of others when it comes to your swimming pool. Not only is this decent deniability proof that can offset liability, but it is also a legal requirement in many states if your pool is deeper than 18 inches.

Keeps the Pool Clean

While a pool fence will not give the kind of cover a canopy provides, it will keep away junk, dirt, and leaves from being blown from others’ backyards into your pool. This is a minor advantage though, that can also be availed by using an Intex pool cover.

Cons of Having a Fence

Having a pool fence doesn’t have an extensive list of tangible drawbacks, yet most pool owners who can get away with not having a pool fence don’t have one. The cons listed below might explain why that is the case.

It Costs Money

No matter how little it costs, a fence still costs money. Because of the disproportionate emphasis on the present, we are biased towards exaggerating the cost compared to the benefit because the advantages all lie in the future, whereas we have to pay up now. Yes, a pool fence costs money, but it is important not to tunnel vision on this “drawback.”

It Requires Effort

The second drawback of installing a pool is that it takes effort. Since humans follow the path of least resistance, most pool owners who aren’t legally required to install a fence decide not to do so. After all, it takes energy which they rather not expend. Whether this con is significant enough for you to want to forego making your pool safer is entirely up to you.

It Makes Getting Into the Pool Inconvenient

Some Intex pools are large enough that one has to use the pool ladder to get in. Many above-ground pools are only a few feet deep, which means you can jump into them from any angle. 

For those who love to get into the pool from any point with leverage, it becomes inconvenient when a fence is installed as it limits the area from which they can climb into the pool. Again, this is an experience drawback, which can be ignored in favor of a safety advantage.

Pool Accessories That Go Along With a Fence

If you have just discovered that you are legally required to install a fence around your Intex pool, you don’t need to worry about the pool’s vibe getting cramped by a restrictive fence. You can make the fixture look intentional by adding more pieces of poolside decor. This will elevate the pool’s ambiance. Here are a few products to consider.

  • Purple Leaf Patio Chaise Outdoor Lounge Chair Set – These comfortable outdoor chairs will expand the definition of “swimming pool fun” by expanding the social area around your pool.
  • Intex Flamingo Inflatable Ride-On – This pool float makes every part of your swimming pool (including the fence) look intentional. Transform your pool from a “filtered water puddle” to a facility you have put effort into.
  • Purple Leaf 10ft Patio Umbrella – This umbrella’s beige color will match almost every wood fence (or wooden-looking fence). Again, it shows that you have put effort into your swimming pool.

Final Thoughts

From a safety perspective, you need a fence around your swimming pool because accidental drownings happen even in above-ground pools. From the legal standpoint, the requirements can vary, but it is still better to have a fence than to exclude it. And if you’re going to fence your Intex pool, you might as well add lounge chairs and a canopy to give your swimming pool a luxurious look.

Jed Arnold

Jed spent every year from the ages of 15 - 22 as a Lifeguard (Red Cross) and ages of 17 - 22 as a Certified Pool Operator (CPO). Between working for over a dozen facilities and owning a pool, he carries over a decade of pool experience.

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